Low Biuret Urea

Low Biuret Urea

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Our Low Biuret Urea is the highest quality product of its kind on the market. This premier product works very well when used for foliar solutions or can be direct applied on a variety of crops.

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 Low Biuret Urea – Specifications

 Items  Specifications
Assay, WT. % 99.4(Min.)
Total Nitrogen (as N), Wt. % 46.0 (Min.)
Moisture, Wt. % 0.3 (Max.)
Alkalinity (as ammonia), ppm 100 (Max)
Biuret, Wt. % 0.25 (Max.)
Iron (as Fe), ppm 1 (Max.)
Ash, ppm 10 (Max.)
pH (10% Solution @ 68 F) 7.2 – 9.5
Color, APHA 10 (max.)
Turbidity, ppm as Si02 2.0(max.)
Shipping Descriptions:
Urea, Dry – Urea is a mild skin irritant and may irritate the eyes , nose, and throat.
Color, APHA 10 max.
Turbidity, as SiO2, ppm 20 max.
Bulk Density, lbs/ft3 45 – 48
Size Range, Tyler Mesh, Wt. %, -5m 100
+20m 99
Size Guide Number (SGN) (as made):
– Average 200
– Range 180 – 220
Angle of Repose, degrees 28°